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Dorkus Maximus #9
31 July 2009 @ 01:17 am
So...days, DAYS! Maybe 20 days, but still, only DAYS since I last posted ;)
It's Thursday and I seem to be repeating the same Thursday nite routine. I don't work tomorrow, so I tend to go to bed really late. But tonight I am determined to break the cycle! And so is my body apparently, because it's been throwing tired signs out for a little while now. Ohhh but, internet...I need you soooo. Sleep can wait...

So I'm feeling accomplished :) I just completed the first crochet project that is for my own personal use :) I got on the kick after making a beanie for my cousin. For some reason none of the other sizes really fit adults, but the large size is...truly large. Almost ridiculously large. So I'm guessing my gauge might be off. Gauge is one of those hurdles I haven't quite yet crossed in the world of crochet. This would be a good time to start looking into improving it :)

This month is coming to the end along with some interesting human revolution. It has revolved around very tangible things, but of course the greatest benefits have been the great intangible changes that I can sense deep inside and have to figure out after lots of daimoku and sometimes painful experiences hehe. Well, I shouldn't be that dramatic :D

Lion Brand Yarn is doing this summer knit/crochet along and the theme for this summer is charity. So they've encouraged their fans to pick a charity of their choice and comitt to completing projects for them during the remaining weeks of the summer. After a bit of internal deliberation, I chose the Cedar Sinai Outpatient Cancer Treatment Center. They mostly need caps for chemo patients. I found this great pattern and was all stoked about getting to do something so awesome. Well, I get to Michael's and...they don't have the yarn I need. BUT! I noticed that many of the patterns that I was also looking at were using this one yarn that they had TONS of. So i was all, 'awesome! lemme just take two balls!' Well, it turns out that when I re-check the patterns at home, only a few patterns really use the yarn. Besides that, none of them are caps. BUT! I decide to try looking for other patterns and lo and behold I find one for a cap. Meanwhile, I have been distracted by my own personal beanie project made out of some awesome wool yarn from Patrons that I picked up while I was shopping for the charity yarn :)

Although it might not seem like these projects would brew situations that would teach me anything about my self, they really have :) I need to be more patient! I have this issue with money. When I get it...it's this, 'FRESH MONEY!!!' urge that takes over. It burns a hole in my pocket! I just need to...find things to spend it on! I should have just waited and bought the yarn online :) Because now, as I try to start the cap project at night, I'm having a REALLY hard time seeing the stitches and the yarn is almost impossible to work with. This project needs to be started in the daytime :)

But beyond my yarn situation, there lies the wonderful tribulations of trying to obtain an iPhone. This journey did start, oddly enough, with an attempt to deepen my faith: my faith in my self and my ability to trust my life.

The journey begins with the buzz of the YMD(Young Men's Division) Conference in Florida at the beginning of Aug. I feel conflicted about it, because I feel that I SHOULD go, but then I also have this feeling...this straining feeling about the whole situation. I decide to chant on it, to see where my heart really lies on the matter. After some daimoku, I come to the conclusion that I shouldn't go, because in reality I have not even been chanting for it. It is not something that my heart is set on doing. But many activities have been set up to support the YMD members that are planning to go. I decided that I need to, not should, but NEED to use these opportunities to really help me attain my goal of making it to Florida in Oct, for the BSG(Behind the Scenes Groups) Conference, which I have been chanting for since the beginning of the year. Besides that, I can use these opportunities to bond with other YMD by supporting them in faith and also getting to see them more often.

Before I came to this conclusion, I brought up part of the situation with a friend in faith. He mentioned that we can never stratigize our dreams and goals. We must take action having faith that out lives will open up how they should and to have the wisdom to recognize the correct path we must take once it has opened. I started chanting with that determination and things did start to change. It has been a little difficult getting back into the beat because so many things have been happening lately to take me off course: the lazy summer, starting a new job, getting used to my new schedule, random relationship issues, etc. But I have managed to make some activities that have really been refreshing.

So, what does this have to do with an iPhone? I have been strategizing FOREVER to get that damn thing! I even went this past weekend to get one. I asked mums to use one of her ccards and I would pay her back. We show up, they're sold out and her card is not functioning when we try and use it. So we try again online this week. The system is down when we place the order, so it doesn't even take the other card either :( But since the system is down, AT&T offers to help us out again today. Finally, they realize it's a security feature that is keeping us from getting the phone: the card info, name and address, must match the name and address of the AT&T account holder. Goodness iPhone!! Really? people want you that bad huh? Well, I'm one of them haha.

Man, I even tried getting a refurbished phone for cheaper to save some money...everything!!! But then I realized, it's really not THAT much money that I could easily afford to pay from my next check. That and I came to the conclusion that the universe was trying to tell me that I had to be responsible for my own shit. None of this using your mums ccards anymore. Get your own damn stuff!

I chanted to be able to work this amazing job. The people are amazing. The work is amazing. My environment, almost every day, from 9-5 is quite amazing. Now, I have to start doing amazing things in every aspect of my life. Starting with a new amazing phone. I should post on that when I get it, haha.

It also made me think about my life in general and how things are going. I have this awesome job and I'm finally making some dough so that I can use the extra for my own stuff :) But...I need to stay on track. I also wanted this job because it would give me the opportunity to go back to school :) I need to tackle it! Even at work so many great opportunities have presented themselves: the chance to translate articles into Spanish, great colleagues that need help in Spanish and are willing to help me in Japanese, future friendships that reach beyond the limits of work and can support my practice, and montly pot-lucks! woooot!
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10 July 2009 @ 11:08 am
So...2 years later!!! Well, 2 years and some change hehehe.

Man, been a long time since I ventured into the world of journaling on the net so that everyone can see it haha. And yes, journaling, not blogging. I guess I was part of the blog phenomenon when it first started, without realizing it.

But yes...things have changes so much in the past few years. As I'm sure anyone reading this might already know, or not, I've converted to Buddhism. I converted in Dec '06 and it's been going great :) It's something that has really helped me transform my life for the better and really open up and be able to make a difference in the lives of others, especially those close and dear to me. It's also really helped me be ok with being more of my self. That I think is one of the biggest pluses.

Wow, this feels so great! I haven't type this much for my own enjoyment in a long while, hahahahaha! I started a new job! I was at EarlyBird's Learning teaching Spanish to little ones for a little over 3 years. I recently started working for the SGI-USA National Headquarters, working in the Subscription's Office. Even though I took a small pay cut, I made the switch because the hours were more and also consistent and it placed me geographically closer to all my SGI activities which is a big plus, since I still don't have a car of a license. That needs to change this summer :)

But, since I'm on a computer all the time for work again, after a 3 year hiatus, I have that feeling of comfort back in my fingertips. Of course at work it's a matter of typing up notes on issues not received by members and that sort of thing. I also still carry my hand-written journal. Even though I cheated for one entry, the one entry that I could not avoid and just had to pour out everything quickly in English, I keep it to practice my French. So I don't really have any other outlet to express my self in English hehe. And for the French, I think it's also a good idea for me to start reading it more.

Hurm...this seems more like a teaser than anything else now, hahahaha. Been gone from here for 2 years and all I talk about is my new job. But, now I feel I need a rest from the typing. Been on here too long before I logged into livejournal.

But I'll be back! :D
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21 June 2007 @ 09:41 am
Wow, ok...it's been quite some time since I last posted on here. I really need to be more disciplined about this. At least I'm also writing in my personal journal, so HAH!

Things are going well :) I do seem to lead my life from sickness to sickness. I just got over a cold and I'm not sure why, but now my shoulders and neck are all sore. It could be because I started practicing viola again, but I'm not too sure :(

This is the last week of work before I go on break! I'll be off for two weeks and don't start up again until July, a week after Anime Expo. I'M ACTUALLY GOING THIS YEAR!!! I always say I am, and then end up not going :( But I've already registered and I'm also gonna be volunteering for it, so free crash space! I'm excited :) I'm also gonna take my naginana uniform, so I'll be in some sort of Japanese-ness for part of the Expo. If I can afford it, I'll try and get a yukata for the occassion also.

Awwww, I miss posting. I really do need to be more disciplined. Well, at least the summer is a good starting point. I'm sure I'll have lots to talk about. Or at least, update with boring posts, heehee :D I also brought in a super gay and bright journal theme for the summer!! Makes me feel like I'm posting in paradise. Ahhhhhh. Well now, until next time!
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Dorkus Maximus #9
28 September 2006 @ 10:14 am
Hello again :)

I feel soooo much better today. I've been fighting a cold for like the past week. It seems that I just lead my life from one maladie to the next. First the appendicitis, then the panic attack/random fevers, and now a cold. Fuck, 2006 has been an interesting year :D

So yes, nothing really to post about today. Just feel good and that's a good thing right? I did come to the conclusion that Nataliedee.com is indeed more awesome then I realized at first. It was like my sole purpose for coming into work for the past few months I was there. I would literally come in, start up my computer, set up my work area, and immediately go check to see if there was a new comic up yet. Then! she changed it to be a new comic EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE WEEK! HOT DAWG!!! I was in heaven :) So yeah, fuck you Bank of the West and your fucked up printing system. No I'm not bitter....blah :D

Hope y'alls are doing well and that the everything is honky dory out there in the blog universe. Paix!
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25 September 2006 @ 10:42 pm
So...I always say that I'm going to post on here on a regular basis and it never happens. Blah. It's a mirror for my life, hehehe.

Lots and lots has been going on. I've moved again. I'm now in the lovely city of Lynwood. I moved along with my family this time. The landlord of the old place was selling the house and he kinda kicked us out. But we had enough time to find a place and this one turned out great. The house is really nice, really big, and we have a HUGE back yard. Everything is close by: places to eat, grocery stores, and even the light rail is in walking distance. It's great! It's still not quite home yet, but soon enough :)

Besides that, I've just been working. I'm not going to school, but I'm the secretary of the GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance) at El Camino College this semester and I'm also planning to join the SGI club, more on SGI in a bit :D I kinda got kicked out of school because I dropped too many classes last semester and I didn't take two of the finals because I was in the hospital having my appendix removed. I was able to make up one of the finals, my Naginata one which to me is the most important :), and I'm talking to my PE teacher to make that one up also. So, I can go back to school, no questions asked, for the Spring, but I'm gonna see about being able to get in sooner for the Winter.

Things at work are going great. We have so many more students now. We started teaching Mandarin this session and that's been going great. I have more classes, Spanish is always growing, and I even got a raise! I'm still learning lots, especially how to handle eight 5 year olds at a time, and I've got some really bright older students this time around. I even got a raise! Wooo! But I still need more money. I'm considering getting a second job...

I've also been doing well with the Tom of Finland Foundation! For those of you that may not know, which is most likely everyone, the Tom of Finland Foundation is a non profit organization established to promote and preserve Erotic Art. It started out to preserve Tom of Finlands works. He was an Erotic Artist that had a big impact on gay culture and the gay world. But the organization has now also expanded to help promote and preserve the works of others. So, it's something that I really like getting involved with. You meet really awesome and interesting people and I just like looking at the art :) They also have interesting parties, hehe. All around, its just an interesting cause and one that I don't mind standing for. I've become more visible as a volunteer and maybe I'll be able to help them out a little more :)

So, SGI is this organization that I've started practicing Buddhism with. It stands for Soka Gakkai International. Soka Gakkai stands for "Value Creating" and its an organization that stemmed out of Japan. It was started in the early 20th Century by Japanese educators that wanted to reform the Japanese Education System. We study Nichiren Buddhism which is a branch of Buddhism based on the teachings of Nichiren Daishonin. He was a Buddhist scholar from the 12th Century I believe. He based most of this teachings on the Lotus Sutra, which is a collection of what are believed to be Siddhartas last writings and teachings. I've learned a great deal through them and through my new found practice :) And it's been helping me out lots. But, I'll blah about them more later on, hehe. So, anyone out that that reads this, and for the sake of my journal, here's another entry. See ya soon :)
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12 April 2006 @ 05:37 pm
YAY!!! So, I have internet access at home now. SWEET!!!! Less money, but very much so worth it :D
But yes, so, since one of my small libraries is next to my computer desk, I rediscovered this book that I was assigned in my first English 1A class @ El Camino. It's entitled Unsettling America ( and no, I don't want to take the time to look up the way to make the font underlined. It's not MLA, get over it :P ) and it's a collection of "Contemporary Multicultural Poetry." I thought it was funny that I came across it again at a time when we have all this immigrant shit going down in our country. Here's a few I like. Enjoy :D


Niggerlips was the high school name
for me.
So called by Douglas
the car mechanic, with green tattoos
on each forearm,
and the choir of round pink faces
that grinned deliciously
from the back row of classrooms,
droned over by teachers
checking attendance too slowly.

Douglas would brag
about cruising his car
near sidewalks of black children
to point an unloaded gun,
to scare niggers
like crows off a tree,
he'd say.

My great-grandfater Luis
was un negrito too,
a shoemaker in the coffee hills
of Puerto Rico, 1900.
The family called him a secret
and kept no photograph.
My father remembers
the childhood white powder
that failed to bleach
his stubborn copper skin,
and the family says
he is still a fly in milk.

Martín Espada


My Spanish isn't enough.
I remember how I'd smile
listening to my little ones,
understanding every word they'd say,
their jokes, their songs, their plots.
Vamos a pedirle dulces a mamá. Vamos.
But that was in Mexico.
Now my children go to American high schools.
They speak English. At night they sit around
the kitchen table, laugh with one another.
I stand by the stove and feel dumb, alone.
I bought a book to learn English.
My husband frowned, drank more beer.
My oldest said, "Mamá, he doesn't want you
to be smarte than he is." I'm forty,
embarassed at mispronouncing words,
embarassed at the laughter of my children,
the grocer, the mailman. Sometimes I take
my Enlgish book and lock myself in the bathroom,
for if I stop trying, I will be deaf
when my children need my help.

Pat Mora
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Dorkus Maximus #9
30 March 2006 @ 10:42 am
argh. i'm really tired today. i know i promised i'd update more often, so here it is ;) it may not be often enough, but deal with it :) just kidding! well, i think this update has more purpose, therefore, i felt more obligated to put it up. i usually think of something to say on here, and then i forget or i end up being distracted by pricings on naginata equipment online or email or some other shit. then i realize it's time to go and i forget about my post :)

so i was late to naginata, AGAIN. fucking waking up and the fucking bus. argh. the other day i was late to work, EVEN THOUGH i was even early leaving, yet the bus was late and i waited for about an hour, most of the time which was under pouring rain. of course i had my trusty hoodie with me that really didn't protect me from anything :) but, i'm really liking this class. we're learning lots of cool stuff, and mostly because people are willing to learn and pay attention. which brings me to another point...

why don't people pay attention? especially in classes where it really matters. it's like they're always off on some little world of their own. there's this one lady in the class. everytime i see her i'm reminded of this girl i used to go to school with. i would always think about what she would be like when she got older. now i know :) this girl was an overachiever, but not the geeky or nerdy variety that are basically indulging themselves with knowledge, she was more of the " i want to be the mostest popular girl at school so everyone can look at me and teachers love me and i can get into a good college 'cause i can bullshit a lot and i'll never use any of these classes to better my self as a person 'cause i'll always be evil and crave attention and power" kind. you know, like Oprah. so, this lady in my class always looks like she's paying attention, when she really isn't. she nods her head and voices her understanding, yet she doens't improve. maybe a little. it's like it goes in one ear and out the other. i'm like, look bitch! you're still holding it wrong! and you almost smacked me 'cause you ain't paying attention!!! so yeah, i just had to get that out :) besides all that, i also answered one of my life long questions. now i know what happens to those people :) this woman is still arrogant and tends to think she's always in the right and then when she does do something wrong, she makes this big spectacle out of it. so, i don't like her very much. blah. me and my judgments :)

so anyway, although being late to class wouldn't be a good thing, you can always learn something from your actions. cause and effect, yay!!! i was late to class, mad, and listening to music on the bus on the way to class...and i realized...fuck, i'm pretty young and i have lots of energy. what the fuck happened to me? where did it all go? and now i'm starting to find it again :) i wanna get back into my writing. today was the first day in years that i thought about my writing. i started to think about the characters and how i would shape them and everything. and i'm also getting into the naginata stuff and everything. i have some focus now! yay!!! it ain't all there yet, but it's better than nothing. so, although i was late for class, i still had something to feel good about :) all righty, that's all for now ;) mata ne!!!
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Dorkus Maximus #9
27 January 2006 @ 11:36 pm
Ok so...yes...for some reason I had this urge to just...update today! I was inspired and I knew what I was going to write about and it was going to be good and witty and entertaining and everything. And I was supposed to remember it and just get home and start writing!! Yeah, that was a few hours ago and I can't remember for the life of me what I was supposed to be writing about...

So instead I'm at home, boozing it up à la alcoholique, sipping on the wine in my glass left over from dinner...but today was a pretty active day. I didn't waste another one, yay!!! Oh ok, so, maybe I should explain for those out in Livejournal land. Oh! and Rosio, hope you're happy. I'm updating! See!!! Hehehe :)

So, I finally got sick and tired of working at Fidelity and quit. I had been thinking about quitting and going back to school full time for a while, at least since October, when the end of our lease came up. I was thinking about how much cheaper it would be to live at home and how much more productive I would feel living up to my rep as a nerd and actually doing something with my schooling. So, the moment finally came when life at work just became more and more shitty. My bank converted into another and of course the conversion had it's major bad points. Then the breaking point came: something happened on the lenders end that caused a big problem involving 6 million dollars. Apparently the checks they had printed were printed wrong and all the checks we had sent out for payments were basically all void. It was a problem from the lender, but we had to fix the issues we were dealing with on our end because we had already sent out payments to agencies and yadda yadda yadda. So, even though it was a major problem...I didn't feel like we were really getting any response from my supervisor. There was lots of talk about over time and what not, but I didn't see her hussling. On top of that, I didn't see her staying after. No matter what the excuses were, I thought she was supposed to be setting the example? Anyway, there other issues came up with my raise and everything. So I was just like, fuck this. I'm wasting time here that I could be using to move ahead with my life and future career. It's been fun...fuck all y'all, I'm out.

So, here I am now, back in Watts :) I moved back about 2 weeks ago. I've signed up for classes and I'll be starting school the second week of February. I feel much more ready for it this time around. Here's to me not royally fucking up anymore ;) Im excited and a little scared. I've been sooo lazy these past few weeks, hehe. Just taking advantage of the free time that I probably wont have for much longer. I also need to get a part-time...soon :) I needs the money, hehe. Damn bills :: shakes fists :: So yeah...here's also to more regular posts :) I'm feeling more emotional these days anyway, so that's a good sign ;) More drama to write about, hehehe.
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Dorkus Maximus #9
29 November 2005 @ 10:05 pm
Just thought I'd post it up to show the world how greedy I can be when it comes to the lure of material possessions. This one is actually going to co-workers. Otherwise, I'd have a much longer one. Enjoy :)


Family Guy presents Stewie: The Untold Story
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Family Guy Vol. 2 (Season 3)
Sailor Moon Season 1 Uncut Japanese Version
Sailor Moon Season 2 Uncut Japanese Version
Sailor Moon S Uncut Japanese Version
Salior Moon Super S Uncut Japanese Version

Video Games

X-Men Legends 2: The Rise of Apocalypse
We love Katamari


Family Guy: The Official Episode Guide: Seasons 1-3
Kanji and Kana: A Handbook of the Japanese Writing System
Kodansha’s Compact Kanji Guide
CLAMP no Kiseki Vol. 4
Naruto Vol. 5 and 6
Tom of Finland: The Art of Pleasure


You Could Have it So Much Better…w/Franz Ferdinand- Franz Ferdinand
Get Behind Me Satan- The White Stripes


This is all stuff from YesAsia.com. I know getting stuff from online can be a hassle, but if you find it in your heart to ever do so, this stuff would be great. They also have free shipping on orders over $39.00!!

Tsubasa & xxx HOLiC Comic Version
Oh! Super Milk Chan Danzenshu
Domo Kun
Doraemon Desktop Calendar


Tamagotchi Plus - Red Series (Akaiin)
Tamagotchi Plus - Red Series (Natural White)
Tamagotchi Plus - Res Series (Viking Purple)

***** Many of the items @ YesAsia.com also have this icon next to them. It means that you can also order a free little “gashopon” for every two items with the icon. For instructions on how to also receive the gashopon, click on the icon once @ the site. These would be cool to have: Naruto, Tarepanda, Capcom All Stars Champion, Sailor Moon, Frogdash, Digimon

Gift Cards are also AWESOME!! I like shopping at the following: Express Men, Macy’s, Best Buy, BORDERS, Barnes and Noble, Target

Thanks y’all!!!
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Dorkus Maximus #9
29 November 2005 @ 02:27 pm
My left hand hurts, it's sore...I have a bruise on my left forearm and I scrapped my knee somehow. Apparently I also threw up a little on my friends bed. I had a fun night :) But, no more tequila for a while. That shit fucked me up good :)

So, I'm at a friends house and called in for work again. I hope I don't get in trouble, and if I do, not in too much trouble. I really hate working there anyway. Maybe this is all leading up to finally finding something better and leaving. I sure hope so :) I know I ain't the only one.

Well, I'll keep this update brief and simple. See. SEE!! I updated!!! I think it's been three months since the last one...for shame ;)